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Reasons to choose Termico Solar

Perth's Solar Energy Experts 

  •  Trusted Western Australian owned company
  • Over 20 years in business 
  • Large discounts for Termico customers 
  • Termico are the only WA solar retailer with a trading history as long as the warranties we provide
  • Termico solar Generation is part of the larger Termico Group, which employees over 100 people, and has the financial stability to support the warranties it provides. Termico has been around for more than 21 years, and continues to be a trusted, respected and long standing organisation.
  •  We only provide panels from Tier 1 manufactures. A Tier 1 rating identifies these manufactures as being in the top 2% for quality. This means our manufacturers:
    • Invest heavily in research and development
    • Use advance robotic processes 
    • Have been manufacturing solar panels for more than 5 years 
    • Use the best grade of silicon to produce solar cells
  • In addition to the product warranties provided by the manufacturer, Termico Solar Generation provides an additional FIVE Year Workmanship Warranty from the date of installation.
  • We are partnered with Loyalty App meaning you can earn points with any purchase, which can be used across a number of Perth retailers.


Termico Solar Generation is here today and will still be here tomorrow!

Over the last 5 years the market has seen more than 500 solar companies go out of business. This has left customers with no after sales support, and the cost to pay another solar company to repair their system. (source reference: LG Energy)

Don’t risk being left with a worthless warranty – choose Termico Solar Generation.